Kiraikai Natural Reserve  (DCS Barbas Bremen) Filandia – Quindío.

We are a private initiative, which for more than 20 years we have preserved an Andean forest relic within the Barbas Bremen soil conservation district. Strengthening this area through reforestation and natural regeneration.

We use ecotourism as a tool for sustainability and permanence in the territory. (The word Kiraikai means: Tree of Yarumo in Quechua language.

Howler Monkey

Andinobates bombetes

Tucan Rabi rojo

Sustainability policy

In the Kirakai nature reserve we are committed to the conservation and responsible use of resources. For this reason we apply a treatment plan for solid waste. We generate composting as an aid for the reforestation of more than 5,000 seedlings. We have an organic garden which is used for consumption in the local restaurant. We generate employment to people belonging to the local community of the municipality of Filandia, Quindío.