We have different activities
Hiking, photography, identification of species

In Kiraikai you will find different activities, in which you will learn everything about our ecosystem.

Come and meet the magic of the Bremen forest, and learn all about Kiraikai fauna and flora.


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We have an excellent network of trails, distributed by the Kiraikai reserve.
Our reserve gives you access to a complex of trails that will allow you to enjoy the best of our ecosystem.
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Excellent accommodations
In our reforestation program, we invite you to adopt a tree to plant, be part of the growth of this beautiful reserve.
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Trails and waterfalls
In Kiraikai there are different water sources, and different areas with waterfalls; in which our trail circuits go through different bodies of water.
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We have 196 species of birds
Our guides are specialized in knowledge and differentiation of species.
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Kiraikai checkers
In our reserve are: Crystal frogs, snakes, lizards. etc.
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Great variety of species
Among the most important species within our reserve are; Howler Monkey, Night monkey, mountain dog and much more!